About Us

Welcome to our site and shop.

Here at A.B. floral farm based in Kilrateera, Mountshannon, Co.Clare we grow many varieties of flowers and plants for our fresh bouquets and stems. Ranging from wild flowers to lillies.

Unlike imported flowers which, not only have been cut days before customers buy them they also carry a large carbon footprint. From the thousands of air and road miles they accumulate from cutting source to customer which also affects freshness and vase life.

In contrast we at A.B. floral farm cut and arrange our flowers as they are required ensuring freshness, long vase life and almost zero carbon footprint.

With the large variety of flowers grown here on site, a large number of nectar loving insects such as Bees and Butterflies etc. visit our cutting garden therefore we protect our guests by never using chemical sprays or products such as insecticides to keep them safe and happy.

As we are a local business and proud of what we do here in Mountshannon we make sure our customers are happy, if its a fresh flower bouquet or our plants which we grow on site.

We would like to thank you for supporting small local business.


Eamon and Aileen